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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Malaysian PM issues fresh warning to Indians

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has warned the ethnic Indians that they could be held under the Internal Security Act if their actions threatened national interest and asked the police to monitor their movements.
Abdullah's warning came following allegations by authorities that the members of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), which is spearheading the anti-government agitation against the alleged marginalisation of ethnic Indians, are linked with "terrorists" groups including LTTE.

"My instructions to the police is that the group should be monitored. Internal Security Act is an option. I will decide when the time is right. If they are deemed (as a threat to national security) we will know what to do," the New Straits Times quoted Abdullah as saying.
ISA allows for years of detention without trial. Abdullah, who is also the internal security minister, said he was aware of Hindraf canvassing for support and help from terrorist groups and local gangsters.
Meanwhile, a senior leader in the prime minister's department has said the Malaysian government had Sri Lanka's LTTE and India's RSS as the overseas groups linked to Hindraf. Mohamed Nazri Aziz was quoted by another newspaper as saying that this was deduced from statements of Hindraf leaders, who went abroad to garner support, that they would meet LTTE leaders. "As we know, the LTTE has been declared a terrorist group by the United Nations and the United States. If it is true that Hindraf leaders have links with them, Hindraf is also a terrorist group," he said.
The paper did not make any further reference to Nazri's comments on RSS.

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