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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hindraf files complaint against Malaysian PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Accusing Malaysian authorities of making "false and racially inciting statements", an ethnic Indian lawyer on Saturday filed a police complaint against the country's premier and other senior officials for claiming that his group had links with the LTTE and other terrorist outfits.
"I have never met anyone from LTTE in my life," P Uttayakumar, the founder member of Hindu Rights Action Front which spearheaded anti-government protests that alleged discrimination against ethnic-Indians, told reporters here after filing the report against premier Abdullah Badawi.
Asserting that the group had "zero links " with LTTE or any other terror group, the lawyer, who also named Attorney General Gani Patail, Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan as also local newspapers and TV and Law Minister Nazri in the complaint, alleged that the authorities were trying to put Hindraf leaders behind bars on "trumped up charges".
"We have got zero links with terrorism. We have got zero links with LTTE. We do not support violence. We are a non violent group," said Uthayakumar outside the police station as a few supporters gathered around him holding portraits of Mahatma Gandhi.
"They have accused us so that they can lay the foundation to arrest us under the Internal Security Act," he added. ISA allows detention without trial.
Abdullah has asked the police to closely monitor Hindraf leaders and followers who may have links with terrorist groups. "ISA will be an option which I will decide upon when the time is right," the premier was quoted by local media as saying.

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