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Thursday, December 6, 2007

5 half-burned bodies found at Nandigram

NANDIGRAM/KOLKATA: With the discovery of five graves at a ground in Khejuri's Bamanchak village on Wednesday and the police saying that they contained half-charred bodies, suspicions have been raised of attempted disposal of victims killed during the violence triggered by CPM cadres.
The graves were found in an area which has been in the news throughout the "occupation" of some Nandigram areas and the subsequent moves by armed CPM men to "recapture" the villages controlled by the anti-land acquisition group, Bhumi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee.

The local people and police claim there are bodies buried in the ground. The ground has been cordoned off by CRPF personnel, who waited the entire day either for a judicial magistrate to arrive on the spot or for orders to dig the graves. CRPF officials have made up their mind that the ground won't be dug up unless a judicial magistrate is available on the spot.
SP of East Midnapore, S S Ponda, said five half-charred bodies were in the graves. "There was a tipoff that some bodies were hidden in a field in the area. With the CRPF team, we went to the village and came upon this field where there were signs of dug-up graves," Ponda said.
The issue reverberated in the Lok Sabha when Trinamul Congress leader Mamata Banerjee appeared and demanded the House pay attention to the new development. Aware that she was not going to relent, Speaker Somnath Chatterjee adjourned the House.
Soon after entering the House, Banerjee tried to raise the matter calling for the attention of the Speaker, who asked her to give prior notice. Some CPM members contested her remarks. The Trinamul chief had come to Parliament for the first time this session. She said the bodies were found lying in a trench in a field covered with bushes in a village in Khejuri, which is considered to be a CPM stronghold.
The graves are sure to increase the pressure on CPM, particularly if the attempt to dispose bodies by burning is confirmed. As some women turned up the spot claiming the bodies were those of their husbands, there is a possibility of identification.
Reports from Kolkata and Nandigram said that for the last few days, CRPF have been working on the basis of information that grave-like structures had been seen in Khejuri. On Wednesday morning, the CRPF team stationed there got news that a large cache of arms had been kept at a house of Bamanchak, close to Khejuri's Tentultala

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